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What we do

We provide advanced authentication solutions and variety of two-factor and risk-based authentication methods to help you prevent breaches and fraud. Information Security includes:



Your network infrastructure, both Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), is the foundation enabling these opportunities for your business. Whether you are integrating new technology with legacy systems, upgrading hardware and software (routers, switches, servers, etc.), performing bandwidth optimization or prioritizing network traffic, the challenge remains the same: balancing high performance and availability with reasonable costs.

Clicknet provides the expertise, experience, and industry partnerships to help you match your needs to the right technology solutions. We design and deploy new LAN and WAN infrastructures that bring your business computing needs alive and meet your budget.

Local and Wide Area Network services include:

  • Network Wellness Assessment
  • Network traffic analysis and bandwidth optimization
  • Remote office connectivity design and implementation
  • Router and switch design, configuration and implementation
  • Integrating new technologies with legacy systems
  • Network management tools and procedures
  • Converged technologies for Voice, Data and Video
  • Fibre to the home Network Solutions
  • Firewall security
  Building Efficiency - Building Technologies & Services

When it comes to optimizing your business's security, there are always some tough questions that need to be asked. Like, how can you consistently minimize your facility's safety risks? Are proper access control mechanisms in place? Are there methods you can use to streamline your regulatory compliance policies? And are your employee’s critical business assets always safe and secure? 


Clicknet can help you answer these tough questions. With over 5 decades of experience integrating security and fire technology into complex facilities, Clicknets is hands-down the most reliable partner on the market for any security or fire safety undertaking. Whether working within a school, hospital, airport or government facility, our master systems integrators can provide you with security and fire solutions that will protect your people, secure your assets and lower your operating costs.

  Asset Tracking System
Timely Information on all assets as and when you need! Did you know that with an asset tracking RFID system you can not only record the location of your asset but also track its usage for up to 2000 meters? Time to switch? The most reputed organizations ensure that they have all the information about their assets. This enables them to ensure optimum footprint of assets, reduce wastage and duplication, utilize the assets to their fullest and thereby contribute significant value to the bottom line. With technological advancements and RFID systems, the entire process of asset tracking and monitoring can be automated. This enables the relevant teams to get regular updates on assets and alerts for any immediate action that needs to be taken. The organization can thus, focus on core business and strategize on providing value to its customers without worrying about optimum usage of assets. Now, catapult your organization to sustainable growth using Asset Tracking System
  Vehicle Tracking System & Vehicle Identification System
Replacing frowns and frets with smiles! Whether it is tracking vehicles in and out of a parking lot, or tracking a vehicle and its contents along the supply chain, real –time tracking and updates enables business and strategic managers to understand ground realities and relax while always being in control. A vehicle tracking system enables the owner or an authorised third party to track a vehicle’s location. Vehicle Tracking System enables to identify a particular vehicle during in/ out, locate vehicles in motion in a specified path and giving alerts and alarms accordingly
  Closed-circuit television & IP video surveillance

As a part of our endeavour to provide the best in networking solutions, Clicknet has developed expertise in providing world class video surveillance systems. The company offers complete end-to-end video surveillance solutions based onhigh-end IP cameras, Security Cameras Closed Circuit TV "CCTV". We offer proven IP storage solutions that integrate with the customers’ existing infrastructure, including analog and digital cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and video management or other security software. The company provides cameras with long retention rates and high resolution with affordable cost tags.

  Information Protection & Control

Increasing numbers of organisations are providing access to information to users, partners and collaborations via the internet, e.g. telecommuting, mobile devices etc. The blurring of the controlled company boundaries, public internet and associated threats means that every company will be faced with many different forms of data loss or theft. There are a multitude of different possible causes, e.g. heedless user behaviour and actions, cyber criminals, etc. Appropriate preventative measures ensure this risk is reduced. Subsequent damage is restricted such that the continuity of the business operation is safeguarded.

  Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence is the real-time collection, normalization, and analysis of the data generated by users, applications and infrastructure that impacts the IT security and risk posture of an enterprise. The goal of Security Intelligence is to provide actionable and comprehensive insight that reduces risk and operational effort for any size organization.